Seeking Me, Finding We

Andrea Barnett

Grant Type

Individual Project


Andrea Barnett




Performing Arts

Andrea Barnett
Seeking Me, Finding We

With support from Arts Assist, Andrea Barnett, a local singer, songwriter and pianist, recorded and launched her acoustic album titled Seeking Me, Finding WeThe album showcases several new songs from Andrea, and highlights her song writing journey from introspection towards social and environmental concerns.

Andrea utilised the Arts Assist grant to:

  • record the album in a professional studio
  • engage a photographer for CD artwork and promotional images
  • design the CD artwork
  • produce promotional posters and flyers
  • replicate CDs for purchase

The project concluded with a free album launch at The Park Hotel, Werribee in March 2017.

“For me, the local artist, the grant ensured that I had a sound plan to execute the project before I started, that my budget and time commitment did not blow out significantly…

I would like to thank Arts Assist for its valuable contribution towards furthering my music career, and the arts in Wyndham generally” – Andrea Barnett

Photography courtesy of Tamara Watt

Promotion poster