For those of you who saw the 2023 Wyndham Arts Prize there’s one piece you’d be sure to remember, Duain’s mixed medium piece was an intriguing combination of painting, sculpture, technology and  electronic eyes. A physically imposing piece with eyes that seemed to follow you as you took in all the elements was so popular it was voted the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

As an artist Duain has enjoyed being open to experimentation in his work and is grateful that the Wyndham Arts Prize allows for diversity of medium and subject such as his fantasy-based style.  

Through ongoing support of the Wyndham Art Gallery and then enjoying and learning so much in the local Wundergym program he is in now looking ahead and hopes to undertake a mentorship with the Arts Access program.  Duain may be young but his understanding that being involved in these programs help build his practice and networking skills will no doubt be a great way to help him work towards his goal of being represented by a commercial gallery one day

Now with his People’s Choice Award in hand it won’t be long until this talented young mixed medium artist will be collecting more awards and showing in many more galleries

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